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Is Your Jewellery Wholesaler Up To Scratch – Roundup

A few months back, we started a series of blog posts on whether your current jewellery wholesaler was measuring up. Were they small-time amateurs who could let you down at any moment, or were they professionals who could help you grow your business?

This is a key question that all jewellery retailers should be asking, as the success of your business depends heavily on your supplier or suppliers. So, if you’ve ever asked yourself this question, if you’ve wondered how to rate or measure your wholesaler, read on.

We addressed 6 different areas which we feel give a good accounting of your jewellery supplier.

1. Volume
Do they carry large volumes of popular lines (100+), or are they small time amateurs who will let you down when you want to re-stock?

2. Payment Options
Are they a PayPal only shop, or does their bank trust them enough to provide them with an online merchant account?

3. Diversity
Do they carry a solid range of sell-able lines, or are you left choosing amongst a host of poor sellers?

4. Pictures
Are the photos shown on their website representative of what you received from the courier, and can you tell from the pictures what the jewellery will be like.

5. Company & VAT Numbers
Are they registered for VAT, and does their company number check out?

6. Permanent Discounts
Are they that desperate for business that everything is eternally 25% off?

06 Dec 2013

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