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UK Jewellery Manufacturers

When the local economy takes a downward turn, we’re often faced with Buy English campaigns in an effort to help maintain local jobs and keep money in the country. Unfortunately, this simply doesn’t work for fashion jewellery or costume jewellery.

We know all the major players in the jewellery import and wholesale business in the UK, and none of them, to the best of our knowledge, carry jewellery manufactured in the UK. To put it simply, there are no UK Jewellery Manufacturers remaining who produce fashion and costume jewellery.

You can find handmade jewellery that was manufactured in England, but it will only be on a small scale – a single woman working from home and selling at parties or fairs, for example. And you can find higher end jewellery suppliers (gold and silver) who manufacture in the UK in their own small to medium sized work rooms.

But when it comes to bulk manufacturing of fashion jewellery, all of this has been exported to the Far East – China in particular. British Jewellery Wholesalers source the bulk of their stock from Chinese manufacturers – even those lines that appear to come from other ethnic regions.

If you are determined to ‘keep it local’ the best you can do is source from local wholesalers. While the jewellery will still be manufactured in China, at least you will know that some of the jobs are in the UK and that some of the money stays in the country.

12 Nov 2011

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