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Premium Range

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About Nirvana Wholesale

Nirvana Wholesale are suppliers of Fashion Jewellery and Accessories to retailers across the UK, Ireland and Europe. Our catalogue lists necklaces, bracelets, rings, scarves, gift boxes and more. PDF versions of our catalogues are available for download or for quick viewing online.

Every item in our jewellery catalogue is a strong seller. Our necklaces, charm bracelets and fashion rings are incredibly popular and we have a very loyal customer base. We only sell online, and we aim to ship your order the next working day. Delivery is by DHL and Fastway couriers and normally takes 1 to 3 days.

We have been importing fashion jewellery and accessories for over 10 years. As we buy direct from manufacturers, we don't sell the same stock as all the other jewellery wholesalers in the UK. We specialise in quality jewellery that retails at high markups, and we update our catalogue every few weeks. Our customers are independant jewellery retailers, party planners, market and fair traders, as well as online sellers.

Every item we list in our catalogue is in stock, usually in large volume. Unlike other wholesalers, we do not list out of stock items, and we do not allow you to order more than we have in stock. If you see it in our catalogue, it's ready to ship.

Prices exclude VAT, and a minimum order size of £50 applies.

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