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1990’s Inspired Jewellery

You might have noticed that 90’s style has dominated fashion in 2016. From 90’s-influenced sundresses to brown lipstick to ripped boyfriend jeans, it’s been almost impossible to ignore the 1990’s this year. If you use Tumblr (or pretty much any other social media site) then you will definitely have noticed this major trend. But even if your only connection to the fashion world is occasionally wandering into a high street shop, you will probably still have noticed how fashionable the 1990’s are right now.

Jewellery has definitely been no exception to this. Some major 90’s trends have made a comeback this year, while others never quite left. Here are just a couple of the jewellery trends that you might have noticed this year:

1990s Jewellery


These were perhaps the biggest 1990’s jewellery trend, so it’s no surprise that they’ve made a serious impact in 2016. From those fake-tattoo chokers that everyone wore in 1998 to hippie-inspired leather chokers, this is a style that pretty much anyone can try.

This year, chokers have been a major celebrity trend, appearing on everyone from Taylor Swift to Kylie Jenner. They look great with casual 90’s fashion or crazy festival style, which might explain why they appear so often in street style photos.

For double points, combine two major 90’s trends in one by wearing a velvet choker. Another great version to try is the floral choker, especially if that flower is a daisy. These look so pretty and have a great vintage edge as well. If you can’t quite decide, or really want to make a statement, layer up by wearing several chokers at once, and perhaps some longer necklaces as well.

Friendship bracelets and hemp bracelets

Woven, braided or knotted, these thread and cord bracelets pop up nearly every summer. This year, they were inspired by 90’s high school style rather than by colorful festival bracelets. Make yours contemporary by mixing them with sleeker, more modern bracelets.

Black leather and suede

The ultimate in sophisticated 90’s jewellery, black suede necklaces still make a sleek alternative to metallic chains. Touches of black have made a massive reappearance in jewellery this year and are a great way to incorporate a touch of the 90’s trend without looking over-the-top trendy. Black waxed cord (remember those necklaces?) is back as well, and perfect for those of you with a slightly grungier style.

Mala bead bracelets

Everyone seemed to have one (or ten) of these bracelets in the 90’s. They have also made a resurgence this year, but in a very different way. Modern mala bracelets are sleek, elegant, and expensive. For the most stylish approach, choose a subtly beautiful bracelet with precious metal jewelry and semi-precious stone beads rather than plastic. These are another jewellery style that seem to appear all over Hollywood, with almost every celebrity apparently choosing to wear mala bracelets this year. It’s probably best not to combine them with your old favourite slap bracelets, though. Some 90’s trends haven’t returned.

Crystal pendants

In the 90’s, crystal pendants were a big trend thanks to supernatural shows like Charmed and The Craft. These days, they’re more likely to appear on bohemian festival-goers. Still, the soft purple colours and long silver chains haven’t changed very much.

Overall, 90’s jewellery styles offer something for just about everyone. Whether your style is bohemian, preppy, grungy or trendy, you’re sure to find a 90’s inspired jewellery piece that you absolutely love. Of course, if you remember the 90’s well, you may be a little less enthusiastic about bringing any trends back.

Did you have enough of those tattoo chokers the first time around? Or are you delighted to see so many 90’s jewellery styles making a comeback?

04 Nov 2016

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