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5 Reasons A Jewellery Business Is Tough (But Worth The Effort)

Have you ever thought about starting a jewellery business? Perhaps you already have one; they are a popular option for startup businesses. Whatever stage you are on the jewellery business journey, it won’t be easy. Running any business comes with plenty of difficulties, and jewellery is no exception. But what really is special about selling jewellery is how almost every negative can be seen as a positive. It really is incredibly rewarding to sell something so beautiful!

Running a Jewellery Business

1) There are a lot of jewellery businesses

Yes, there’s a lot of competition out there if you run a jewellery business. Sometimes it can seem like you have no chance at all when there are so many other companies for your customers to choose instead. But this heavy competition has a positive side as well! It encourages you to create something really unique and personal, which is far more exciting and fulfilling than most businesses.

Plus, all those jewellery companies tell you something important – people love jewellery and want to buy it! You have a potentially huge audience of enthusiastic customers ready to buy from you. There’s also the possibility of making friends with other jewellery business owners, especially if you attend a lot of fairs and other jewellery-related events.

2) It’s hard to get amazing products

Starting up a jewellery business can be overwhelming. How do you get great products without spending more than you can afford? Is it possible to make them yourself – and if not, how do you find a supplier? There’s a lot to organize and it can seem like an impossible challenge. Try to look on the positive side and appreciate the amazing opportunities that your jewellery business offers you. If you choose to buy your products, you have the chance to connect with some really fantastic suppliers (like Nirvana Wholesale!) or talented craftspeople. There aren’t many jobs that allow you to surround yourself with such creative, jewellery-loving people.

If you take the other route and decide to make your own products, then of course it will be difficult and time-consuming. But you will also learn some incredible skills and be able to take pride in your beautiful creations.

3) Running a business is difficult

Running any kind of business is difficult. Accounting, logistics, customer service – sometimes it can seem like more trouble than it’s worth. But just think about how delighted your hard work will leave your customers feeling! Selling fashion products is often as much about the experience as the product. As the owner of a small business, you have the chance to provide a really personal touch to your customers. Turn their purchase into a fantastic customer service experience and enjoy knowing that you’ve made someone happy!

4) Promotion is tough

It’s a difficult truth to face, but it’s always going to be tough getting your jewellery in front of potential customers. Marketing and promotion are difficult and sometimes expensive, especially in an area as crowded as the jewellery market. How does this have a positive side? Well, you know that each of your customers is a real fan. They didn’t buy your product just because there was a coupon in a major magazine – they bought because they really connected with your marketing efforts. When you run your jewellery business yourself, you can take a huge amount of pleasure from knowing that every single customer loves your jewellery and your company.

5) It’s time consuming

There’s no way to get around it. Running a jewellery business takes a lot of your time. It’s hard to justify an hour in front of the TV when there are so many little tasks that you should be taking care of right now. There are always going to be times when it feels like too much time and too much effort. But remember how lucky you are – you get to spend your time doing something that you love! You’re in the incredibly fortunate position of being able to make money from a passion.

Whatever you find to be the biggest problem with running a jewellery business, chances are that there’s a positive way of looking at it. Jewellery is an incredible industry and there’s just so much to love and enjoy.

21 Sep 2016

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