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5 Reasons Jewellery Is Such A Popular Start-Up Business

Selling jewellery might not sound like the most obvious business idea. Don’t you need to make your own jewellery? Or spend a lot of money? If that was what you thought about selling jewellery, you might be surprised to hear that it’s actually an incredibly popular option for start-up businesses.

Whether an add-on to a bigger business like hairdressing or beauty therapy, or an entire jewellery company, more and more women are turning to jewellery sales as a money-making option. Some big jewellery companies have even started selling via local ’stylists’, using the Avon model. Plenty more women have put together complete businesses themselves, building a jewellery start-up from scratch. Here are five of the main reasons that so many women sell jewellery as a start-up business.


A love of jewellery

For women who love jewellery, what could be better than making a living from a jewellery business? A personal love of jewellery is probably one of the major reasons that women choose to start up a business. I know that if I was to start up a business right now, it would be pretty hard to resist my love of jewellery! Not only is it a great way to test out beautiful new pieces, but that enthusiasm is sure to be catching and encourage other women to fall in love with your jewellery.

Easy to get off the ground

It’s also incredibly easy to get hold of beautiful jewellery to sell – just look at the Nirvana website! No factory visits, worrying about quality, or testing different fabric options. If you’re a fashion lover, having your own boutique might sound tempting, but it’s an incredible volume of work just selecting the stock. With the right supplier, a jewellery business is a far easier option.

Easy to keep fresh

It’s quick and easy to tap into current trends without having to order stock six months in advance. Plus, classic jewellery is always in style. Minimum effort! Unlike selling a super-hot but super-niche product, there’s no worry that it will suddenly be yesterday’s fashion and you’ll be left with unwanted stock to clear.

One size fits all

If you aren’t ready to invest in a lot of stock, for financial or space reasons, jewellery becomes an even more appealing option. A lot of women have taken advantage of the fact that jewellery fits pretty much everyone to start micro-businesses. Unlike clothes, most jewellery items are one-size-fits-all. No need for extensive stock in five different sizes, or the worry that some customers will feel left out.

Ability to start small

With a jewellery business, it’s easy to start small, with just a few pieces in one or two styles. There’s no need to commit to a massive factory production run, or invest in office space or staff. Selling jewellery is easy for one person to do alone without too much effort or investment. Women who already have businesses like hairdressing can easily sell a little jewellery as well without even needing a fancy website or amazing sales skills. Just a glass case of jewellery can be enough!

I find it incredibly inspiring to see how many women have succeeded in the jewellery industry. Start-up businesses can easily crumble and collapse under the pressure of managing everything at once, so it’s amazing to see someone make it through and turn their business into a thriving source of income. Jewellery businesses built on wholesale stock can be simple and easy to run, but still very successful under the right circumstances. Are you feeling inspired? If you haven’t taken the plunge yet, today is the day to begin. Act now and start your own jewellery business!

29 Aug 2016

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