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Animal necklaces and rings – dolphins, butterflies, and horse jewellery

Jewellery styles come and go, but animal styles remain popular almost all of the time. Most people are particularly fond of a particular animal and enjoy the chance to wear it on a piece of jewellery, especially personalised jewellery like charm bracelets. Animals often have certain associations attached to them, so wearing animal jewellery can be a statement of personality and identity. What might your favourite animal jewellery say about you?

Cat Jewellery

Cats are one of the world’s most popular pets. Alongside their elegance and charm, this makes them one of the most popular animals for jewellery. Cats have extremely recognisable silhouettes, which makes them perfect for pendants and charm bracelets, as just a few sweeping lines can create a beautiful cat figure. Cat pawprints are also popular details on jewellery, and can add a cute animal touch to otherwise simple pieces.

Horse Jewellery

With their connotations of wilderness and freedom, it’s no wonder that horses are so popular for jewellery. A delicate horse figure is a great way to show your love of horses and your sense of connection to the great outdoors. Horse heads are also very popular, particularly on rings and on charm bracelets, as they are an ideal symbol for small surface areas. Plus, with so many serious horse lovers out there, it’s not surprising that horse jewellery is so popular!

Dolphin Jewellery

Dolphins are eternally popular as jewellery symbols, and have from time to time become hugely fashionable. Dolphins are associated with fun, playfulness, and enthusiasm, which makes them ideal as a statement of identity on a piece of jewellery. You may remember the dolphin rings and anklets that everyone wore in the 90’s, or you may have spotted dolphins more recently on pendants and charm bracelets.

Dolphin jewellery

Bugs and Insects on Jewellery

Perhaps a surprising choice given how few of us actually like insects in real life, bugs and insects are a high-fashion jewellery favourite. With their tiny bodies and bright colours, insects can look absolutely beautiful on jewellery and are especially perfect when combined with floral prints for a look that’s bright, textured, and interesting. Ladybirds and beetles are especially popular, which is unsurprising given that the real thing already looks almost like jewellery!

Butterflies on Jewellery

Worthy of their own category, butterflies are an insect type that never disappear from the jewellery world. With their beautifully colourful wings, easily recognisable shape, and endless variety, butterflies can be used on all kinds of jewellery pieces, and in many different styles. Butterflies suggest a fun-loving, playful, youthful personality, which is probably why they are so popular!

Sea Creatures on Jewellery

I’ve already mentioned dolphins, but what about all the smaller sea animals that regularly appear on jewellery? Sea-themed pendant sets and charm bracelets are common, as are necklaces covered with sea-inspired charms. Examples of the animals used include seahorses and turtles.

Birds on Jewellery

One of the most popular animals for jewellery, birds appear in all sorts of forms, and you’re bound to regularly spot birds on jewellery. Swallows, with their beautiful silhouettes and sense of freedom, make beautiful pendants. Eagles are also popular, and appear on all sorts of jewellery.

The most popular bird, though, is undoubtedly the owl. Owls hit an incredible level of popularity a few years ago, and have never quite disappeared since. They can look cute and cartoonish or serious and wise, which makes them perfect for almost everyone. We’ve seen owls on necklaces, earrings, rings, charm bracelets, and more. To be honest, there probably aren’t any jewellery types that haven’t been decorated with an owl at one point or another!

Are you a fan of animal jewellery? Which animal is your favourite to wear on jewellery?

07 Mar 2017

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