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Changes to our Loyalty Reward Programme

A few months ago we launched our Loyalty Reward Scheme. Its purpose was to reward regular customers with money off their next order. The scheme has been moderately successful so far, but a lot of customers are still not taking full advantage of the new scheme.

This may be our fault.

While we made every effort to make the scheme as simple as possible to use, many customers had difficulty working out how to apply their money off to their next order.

Which is why today we released a major overhaul of the entire process. We started by renaming the scheme to something a little catchier and easier to remember. We’re calling it our “Green Gem Code Loyalty Programme.”

Green Gem

When you place an order, we’ll send you a Gem Code in your order email, and we’ll print it on your invoice — right there where you can’t miss it. When you then go to place another order, days or weeks later, you’ll see a new space on the checkout page to enter your Green Gem Code.

Gem Code Box

It’s very visible. It’s hard to miss. And when you use it, you can save money each time you order.

The old mechanism is still in place. Which means customers can still click on the link in their old order email to reach the Loyalty Programme page, where their current Gem Code will be displayed to them.

06 Jul 2014

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