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Changing Styles of Fashion Jewellery

Are you stocking the same jewellery as last year? Were last year’s offerings the same as the year before? If you answer yes to these questions, then you are in the company of most under-performing jewellery retailers in the UK. And the sad part is, it’s not really your fault.

UK wholesalers, distributors and importers share this fatal flaw, and they each pass it down the chain until it reaches your shop. If it sold last year, then it should sell this year. That’s the attitude they take with them when they visit their manufacturers once a year in China to place new orders. In some cases, new styles are simply the same old styles in different colours.

The few times these suppliers do get new styles in, it comes at the end of a fashion trend, not the beginning. Over three years ago, we began stocking metallic, tribal jewellery. It took off almost immediately, selling like hot cakes and filling our best seller’s page. It took another two years for many of the bricks and mortar wholesalers in the UK to follow suit, and even then it was in a half-hearted manor, with each of them carrying only 4 or 5 of those great selling tribal lines.

For the past year we’ve been selling jewellery with hearts at the centre in huge numbers. A cursory glance at our best sellers page revels that these particular styles occupy, on average, 12 of the top 15 places. Retailers like yourselves are buying these heart shaped necklaces and bracelets in large volumes, which means your customers want them too.

But what about our competitors? Have they jumped on board this recent fashion trend or are they still hawking last years styles, trying to convince their retail customers that yesterday’s fashions are what the woman on the street really wants? You know the answer.

You need to be on top of current fashion trends, and you can’t rely on most suppliers to tell you what those trends are. You need to start paying attention to what’s selling well today, and spend less time focusing on what sold well last year.

16 Dec 2013

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