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Choosing jewellery as a gift for a loved one or friend

Choosing jewellery as a gift can be surprisingly difficult. On the surface, it should be easy. In jewellery, one size fits most, especially when buying necklaces and earrings. But in practice, choosing the right piece can be close to impossible, even when you’re really close to someone. Will your friend have the same taste as you?

So, how do you go about choosing jewellery as a gift – or advising your customers on what to choose? Here are a few helpful suggestions to make the process as easy as possible.

Jewellery Gifts

Pay attention to what your friend wears

This is the key thing to bear in mind: what jewellery have you already seen your friend wearing? If you have time, perhaps spend a few days paying careful attention to the pieces that your friend likes best. If you’re buying for your girlfriend or wife, perhaps have a quick look at her jewellery collection. Really look at it. Does she mostly wear gold or silver? Does she like antique jewellery or strikingly modern pieces?

The more you can work out, the easier it will be to choose a piece that fits the ‘rules’ of what your friend likes best. This might feel a little unimaginative, but it’s the safest way to ensure that your present will be loved and appreciated.

Think about overall style

Of course, it is also helpful to consider how your friend dresses besides specific jewellery choices. Try to sum up her fashion sense – preppy, rock chick, classic, minimalist, trendy. For some people, this will be easy. For others, it might be harder or even impossible. Do your best!
Once you have identified a particular style type, think about what kind of jewellery would suit it best. This is a great way to buy jewellery that suits your friend’s style without just copying the pieces she already has.

Ask about favorite shops

It might not be very subtle to ask your friend what jewellery she likes best. But asking about her favorite shops is far less likely to ruin your jewellery surprise! Either ask outright or pay close attention to what she mentions in conversations. Once you have a few ideas, you can either take the easy option and buy directly from that shop, or you can work out the key styles and buy similar pieces in the jewellery shop of your choice.

Choose something that suits your friend’s lifestyle

Sure, those chandelier earrings are gorgeous. But if your friend is a primary school teacher with young children at home, those earrings probably won’t get much use. Why not buy her a simple bracelet instead? Similarly, rings and bracelets probably won’t suit someone who works with their hands. To choose a present that your friend will really love, try to pick something that she will actually be able to wear on a regular basis.

Don’t be too extravagant

Bigger isn’t always better! The same goes for expensive jewellery. Yes, you should probably avoid the cheapest pieces you come across; it’s good to be generous when giving gifts. But you should equally remember that your friend might feel a little uncomfortable if you buy something obviously expensive and ostentatious! It can be easy to panic and assume that something expensive will satisfy every woman. But the jewellery industry includes a huge range of prices, so don’t forget that you can get fantastically high-quality pieces for relatively low prices. Unless you’re buying for a billionaire, of course, in which case bigger might be better.

Hopefully you now feel a little more confident about how to choose jewellery for a friend, family member or significant other. Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that you’ll get it exactly right – but it’s the thought that counts! At least your friend will know that this was a thoughtfully chosen gift.

Do you ever buy jewellery as a present? What are your best suggestions for choosing jewellery intended for other people?

14 Nov 2016

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