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Colourful Jewellery For Summer 2016 — In Or Out?

So here’s the question. Is colourful jewellery in or out this summer? This tends to be the season that attracts bright colours, flashes of neon, and bold patterns. But with 90s-inspired minimalism dominating the fashion world this year, have summer jewellery styles changed as well?

It certainly seems so. Even a quick glance around the jewellery sections of all the big high street stores shows that the focus is firmly on metallics. Almost all the jewellery seems to be silver or gold, with hardly any coloured touches. This definitely isn’t the crazy festival jewellery I was expecting to find now that summer is here!

Of course, there are still some colours. I noticed quite a lot of pale pinks and deep blues, as well as a few other pastel colours. Beautiful colours are never going to completely disappear from jewellery. This season, though, it certainly seems that colour is an extra, an additional detail, rather than the main focus of each piece of jewellery.

That isn’t to say that the festival jewellery has all disappeared! There are still some bold, multi-coloured statement necklaces to be found, which will be good news to some people. The thread-wrapped hoop necklaces and bracelet sets that have become practically festival essentials are still available. Major high street shops definitely aren’t stocking as much of this festival style for 2016, though. It seems to be a niche style, designed specifically for festivals rather than everyday life all summer.

Colourful Bracelets

I did notice that colours are still popping up on cocktail rings, interestingly. I suppose that beautiful, rich-coloured stones have a timeless appeal. Rings are the perfect way to add a little colour in a way that still suits the overwhelmingly simple styles of this summer’s jewellery. A turquoise stone is a strong splash of colour, but there’s nothing garish about it.

There definitely are colours for those who prefer it, but the dominant style is neutral & metallic. Don’t expect to see the shops all flooded with crazy-coloured friendship bracelets and chandelier earrings. If your taste runs to bright colours and bold patterns, you’ll have to do a little more hunting this summer. Colour definitely isn’t gone, but it isn’t the dominant jewellery style it’s been for the past few summers.

This might well be because of the 90s inspiration that we’ve been seeing all over the fashion world. Why should jewellery be any exception? Visit any high-street jewellery department this week and you’ll see the effects instantly. For one thing, black chokers seem to be the most common jewellery item on sale this summer. With a piece this plain and simple, there really isn’t room to add much colour. Instead, most of these chokers are plain black, perhaps with metallic details. The most colourful one I’ve seen so far was a deep burgundy red.

Given that these styles have dominated festival fashion over the last few weeks, it’s hardly surprising that the boho, hippie festival jewellery has been largely ignored. No doubt people are more than ready for a change after wearing the same styles for years in a row. Now, inspired by their favourite celebrities, they are ready to move away from the bright colours and neon accents of the last few summers.

The general view of summer trends is that the high street shops have all decided to focus on metallics. Bright silver, warm gold and elegant rose gold dominate. Colours have been relegated to small details, chosen to complement the metal rather than the other way round. Dainty, minimalist jewellery is the current style, leaving little room for bright colours. If you go out looking for colourful jewellery, you’ll still find it, but 2016 is definitely the summer of metallic jewellery.

30 Jul 2016

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