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Do Celebrities Really Influence Fashion Jewellery Trends?

We’ve all got used to spotting as many celebrities as models in the pages of fashion magazines. The clothes that our favourite actresses and singers wear out to lunch can have as much impact as a designer gown on the runway. But does this affect jewellery trends as well?

With the rise of Instagram and other celebrity social media favourites, we are closer than ever to celebrities’ everyday lives. We know what they wear every single day, and we even have a handy caption to make sure that we know where each piece is from. Red carpet style still has an influence as well, although obviously these more dramatic styles undergo a lot of altering before appearing in high street shops.

But how much attention do people pay to the jewellery worn by their favourite celebrities? It’s easy to put the focus on the clothes, the makeup and the hair, and gloss over the smaller accessories. Unless jewellery is your sole fashion focus, you might skim over it in celebrity photos without even noticing.

Despite this, there is definitely a link between celebrity style and jewellery. A few jewellery trends in recent years seem to have been inspired by celebrities. Ear cuffs and choker necklaces were both major fashion jewellery trends that began on celebrity social media accounts and filtered down to high street fashion. Celebrities certainly do have a certain level of influence on jewellery trends, which is unsurprising given how much attention is paid to celebrity fashion.

What isn’t clear, though, is whether celebrities are leading trends or just following them. With so many major brands paying famous faces to wear their products, is it actually these big brands who are driving trends? Do people buy jewellery because they saw it on a celebrity, or because it appeared in their favourite shop? It’s hard to separate the influences of celebrities, big brands and high fashion. Celebrities are real people too, and just as likely to follow trends that they have seen on other people.

Celebrity Style

As celebrity culture becomes increasingly social-media based, the line between celebrity and non-celebrity has become much vaguer. Is an Instagram star a celebrity even if she has no other career? What about a famous YouTube vlogger? Today, fashion influences come from a far wider range of places than one or two celebrity gossip and fashion magazines.

It’s also not clear just how wide-ranging celebrity influence is. Teenage girls are far more likely than middle aged women to be following their favourite stars on social media. That doesn’t necessarily mean that older celebrities aren’t just as influential, or that older women don’t follow celebrity style. It probably does influence how styles are spread, however. The more celebrity images in someone’s life, the more likely they are to gradually pick up on celebrity styles.

I would suggest that celebrities don’t generally begin fashion jewellery trends, but they do help them to explode into major styles. Jewellery is as brand-driven as any other form of fashion, but its smaller scale leaves more room for personal interpretation and experimentation. Celebrity jewellery choices probably inspire broader moods and styles rather than sending people running out to buy the exact same pieces. For example, recent celebrity styles have inspired bohemian jewellery, minimalist jewellery and 90s-influenced jewellery. Fans of celebrities who wore these styles might not have tried to buy the exact necklace their idol was wearing, but they certainly copied the overall mood that the jewellery added to.

Celebrity jewellery trends are a little more niche interest than their clothes or makeup, but that doesn’t mean that celebrities aren’t important in the jewellery world. They are one of the main routes for brand advertising. They inspire broader fashion trends, of which jewellery makes up a fairly large part. If you want to keep up with celebrity jewellery, don’t worry about the small details of who wore what. Just try to get a sense of the wider jewellery moods and you’ll always be able to judge what’s in style.

15 Jun 2016

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