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Does special event jewellery always have to be subtle?

At most weddings, graduations, or other major events, chances are that you won’t remember seeing a single piece of jewellery. That isn’t to say no one was wearing jewellery, just that major life events are rarely celebrated with statement necklaces or giant chandelier earrings. Special event jewellery tends to be subtle and understated, designed to complement beautiful outfits rather than draw attention to itself.

But does it have to be this way? Here are the key arguments for and against statement jewellery at special events.

One of the main reasons many women avoid attention-grabbing jewellery at big events is that they want the attention on something else! A lot of special events still come with very specific clothing associations – just think of a wedding dress, a graduation gown, or even a mother of the bride outfit. A loud, colourful piece of jewellery could detract from the item of clothing the focus is supposed to be on. It can restrict options as well. For example, balancing a graduation cap and giant earrings is a serious style challenge. For many women, it’s easier to focus on the main garment and choose accessories that won’t compete. Delicate, subtle jewellery will probably never be out of style for events like weddings, christenings, and graduations.

Special Event

The issue of fashion vs style is important as well. Just because something is fashionable now doesn’t mean it will look great in photos twenty years in the future! Think about 80s wedding dresses. Statement jewellery is often based on current trends rather than timeless, classic style, so there is the risk that it will come to look dated. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to all dramatic jewellery, but it’s definitely an important factor. Plenty of women will choose to err on the side of caution and choose accessories that are classic and understated.

But, of course, there are no firm rules and you are free to wear whatever jewellery you like for special events. There are also reasons for statement jewellery at special events. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

If an amazing statement piece is how you want to express your style, then go for it! On the other hand, if you prefer subtle, timeless accessories, you’ll look every bit as beautiful in those. It’s important to feel comfortable and happy at the major events in your life. Don’t be afraid to show off your amazing personal style! If you plan to sell jewellery aimed towards special events, it might be worth considering stocking a few incredible statement pieces. Not everyone will want them, but there are plenty of women who choose to express themselves with amazing jewellery. Why should special events be any different?

There are also incredible pieces of jewellery created especially for major events. Weddings are the biggest example, with some amazing headpieces, earrings and other accessories available specifically for brides.

There is clearly a market for beautiful wedding jewellery, a trend which may yet spread to other special events. Jewellery has become such an important part of personal style in all other aspects of life that it is hardly surprising some companies have chosen to focus on creating statement pieces for weddings.

Just like any other occasion, special event jewellery really should be dictated by personal choice. If a bride wants to wear a multi-coloured bohemian statement necklace, who is anyone else to stop her? Jewellery is a fantastic way to express style and personality and special events should not be an exception to that! Pieces should be chosen for personal preference rather than because of old-fashioned rules dictating what is and is not appropriate.

04 Sep 2016

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