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Evolving Styles — How Fashion Changes

What’s in today will not be in tomorrow. What’s popular and trendy this year will not be popular or trendy next year.

That styles change is obvious to anyone with a few years under their belt, and to everyone who has a passing interest in TV shows or movies from previous decades. But if you’re one of those people who are immune to fashion changes, if you still wear the same 501s you wore twenty years ago, if you still buy the same boot cut jeans as you did back when you cared about fashion, it may not be so obvious.

As fashion jewellery wholesalers, we’re in a unique position to be able to observe fashion changes at close quarters. Even though our own personal styles may not be as trendy as they once were, our top sellers — which drive our buying decisions — act as a clear indicator of those changes.

Take a look at the charm necklace below. This was one of our most popular styles back in 2009. We sold thousands of this sort of necklace back then, and stocked a range of similar styles across our catalogue.

2009 Best Seller

2009 Best Seller

Nowadays, nobody is wearing these sorts of necklaces. We no longer stock them, our manufacturers no longer make them, and all because the woman on the street has moved on. Fashions change.

Compare that with this year’s best selling styles, like the heart shaped necklace below. Back in 2009 we couldn’t have shifted these if we gave them away for free. Nowadays it’s all any of our customers want.

2016 Best Seller

2016 Best Seller

One of the biggest dangers fashion retailers and wholesalers face is that they can allow their own personal style to influence their stock choices. Let’s face it, not everyone is style conscious all of the time. For some of us, as we get older, our personal styles sit still. Trends pass us by as we stick to what looked good on us years ago. Allow this to influence your business, and you’re one step removed from disaster.

07 May 2016

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