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Gold vs. Silver Jewellery: Which Should You Choose?

Do you prefer gold or silver jewellery? Most people seem to have a preference, but some people love both, or prefer mixing and matching. It can be useful to know which metal suits you better, though, or which one to pick for different occasions. If you sell jewellery, then you might find it especially useful to be able to advise customers which they should choose.

Cool vs warm skin tones

The most basic way to choose gold or silver jewellery is to pick according to skin tone. Warm skin tones, which have golden or olive tints, usually suit gold jewellery best. Cool skin tones, with pink shades, tend to look best with silver jewellery. This is especially true of bright gold or silver shades and makes even more difference when jewellery is worn close to the face. You might find that earrings or a necklace in the right colour have the amazing ability to make your face light up. I have naturally pale, pink-toned skin and it’s amazing how much brighter my skin looks alongside cool-toned silver.

Not sure whether your skin is cool or warm toned? Look at the veins on the inside of your wrists. Cool skin tends to have blue veins, while warm skin usually has green-toned veins. Bear in mind that your skin may change from cool to warm if you tan, or might possibly even be a neutral shade if you have veins of both colours.

Matching metals to outfit colours

Of course, skin tone isn’t the only factor to take into consideration – and people of either skin tone can wear both gold and silver jewellery if they prefer! The idea of cool and warm tones applies to clothing colours as well, which is helpful when you want to match your jewellery to a particular outfit. Generally, colours like red, orange and yellow look best with gold jewellery, while blue, green and purple are best with silver jewellery. There are plenty of exceptions, though (pastel colours are generally cool-toned, and purple can sometimes be warm-toned) so this is just a general guideline. Wearing a contrasting jewellery colour can also be a great way to make a striking statement – just think of how amazing bright silver would look against a deep red evening dress.

Gold and Silver Jewellery

Choosing jewellery for different seasons and occasions

Different shades of gold and silver can also be appropriate for different occasions and even for different seasons. Gold tends to be associated with summer and autumn, while silver is more associated with winter and spring. Gold is also frequently seen alongside red and green in Christmas decorations. These are only very general guidelines, but it can be useful to take these connotations into account when choosing jewellery or advising customers.

Mixing metals

Once upon a time, mixing gold and silver jewellery was frowned upon. Today, however, it’s a modern and striking way to wear jewellery and can look absolutely lovely. Why choose gold or silver when you can wear both? A lot of pieces even incorporate both gold and silver. Experiment with both metals and try out different finishes to see what you like best.

Rose gold and neutrals

Not sure whether gold or silver suits you best? There’s a third option – rose gold. If you have a neutral skin tone (or are cool-toned with a tan) then you may find that this is the most flattering shade for you, as it combines cool and warm tones. It’s also a beautiful shade to choose for wearing with neutral-toned outfits, especially beige and taupe shades.

Ultimately, as always, it comes down to personal preference. Your skin tone and outfit colour might mean that one particular metal is the ‘right’ choice – but you should wear whatever jewellery you love and enjoy wearing! Do you prefer gold or silver?

27 Sep 2016

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