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How to go about making your own jewellery – and selling it too

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the biggest names in jewellery, you might have noticed one particular concept getting more and more popular over the last few years. It’s on the high street and it’s being used by big-name fashion brands: make-your-own jewellery styles.

What is make-your-own jewellery?

The concept of make-your-own jewellery is exactly what it sounds like, but it can cover a surprisingly wide range of styles and ideas. The most famous example is the Danish company Pandora, which allows customers to buy a basic bracelet and customise it with their own choices of charms. The bracelets proved to be so popular that Pandora now also sells necklaces and rings.

There are plenty of other companies now offering similar services. Charm bracelets are hardly a new idea, but such a huge range of customisation within one particular brand certainly is. Customisation has also appeared in different ways, with jewellery companies increasingly offering alternative stone or metal colors so that customers can create something unique and tailored to their own taste.

Make your own jewellery

Which companies are doing “make your own” well?

Pandora is a big name in make-your-own jewellery, but these days almost every big jewellery company is offering more design options, or allowing customers to mix and match. Some great examples are La Mer watches, who combine pre-designed watches with a design-your-own service. Lily Charmed offers subtle customisation features to help people create their perfect charm necklace. Miansai is another example of a website where customers can choose details like strap colour and metal to design a unique bracelet. A British brand creating similar bracelets to Pandora is Clogau.

Increasingly, handmade companies on websites like Etsy and Not On The High Street are also stepping in to create customised jewellery. As pieces are often made to order anyway, taking customers’ preferences into account is not too big a step.

Why do customers love it so much?

What’s not to love about getting creative and choosing exactly what you want? Offering customisation options is a great way to make customers feel involved in the jewellery design process. It attracts creative, artistic people, and people with a highly defined sense of taste. Customised jewellery is the perfect gift, especially for major events and milestones – it’s just so much more personal than buying something off the peg.

Jewellery that you create one item at a time, like charm jewellery, is also a perfect way to spread the cost of an expensive piece of jewellery. A full charm bracelet might cost thousands of pounds, which many consumers are reluctant to spend up front. But, if you buy one item at a time, the cost is spread out over months, or even years.

Tips for selling “make your own” jewellery

If you want to sell this sort of jewellery, there are a few things to bear in mind. First of all, will this be a clear and straightforward system for your customers to use? Think how effortless the Pandora system is. You want something similarly easy, or customers will be put off. If you’re selling charm bracelets, make it easy for customers to return in a few months to buy their next charm. If you’re offering customisation options, make them extensive but not overwhelming.

Tips for wearing “make your own” jewellery

If you plan to buy and wear personalised jewellery, don’t be afraid to make it completely your own! You don’t have to follow the designer’s vision – you get to create something for yourself! Choose something that is meaningful to you, whether charms to represent your favourite places, or a colour that reminds you of an amazing memory.

24 Apr 2017

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