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Tips and ideas for accessorizing with scarves – it’s all about the outfit

At this time of year, scarves are an unbeatable accessory. They are the perfect way to keep warm while adding colour and style to your outfit. But, if you don’t wear them very often, scarves aren’t always the easiest accessory to manage! Unlike hats or gloves, there are so many different ways to wear them. Here are a few top tips for accessorizing with scarves.

Try different kinds

There are so many different kinds of scarves, it’s incredible! Think about what would suit you and your personal style the best. Silk scarves are elegant, with a vintage feel. Chunky knitted scarves are warm and casual. Skinny striped scarves are preppy. Adding fringed details or bold prints will make your outfit suddenly seem twice as edgy, while a plain, solid-toned pashmina is sensible but stylish.

Why not try on a few different scarves? Chances are, different outfits will look better with different scarves. Experiment a little!


Treat your scarf as part of your outfit

This is a problem that often applies to coats as well. When the weather gets really cold, a lot of women will throw on their warmest items of clothing without even thinking about it. It’s the practical thing to do. But remember, in this weather, a lot of people will be getting to see your coat and scarf! They aren’t just temporary coverups for the gorgeous outfit you have on underneath – they are actually part of your outfit themselves.

Think about this when you choose a scarf. You would match your necklace to your outfit, so why not do the same for your scarf?

Choose colours and patterns that will go well with your outfit. You can even use a particular scarf style that you think would match the outfit; for example, an elegant silk scarf looks beautiful with a sleek trench coat.

Experiment with different styling methods

Even once you’ve decided on a particular type of scarf (or five!) there are multiple ways to style them. Pashminas are especially flexible in terms of all the ways you can tie them, but most scarves can be worn in different ways, and a quick internet search will give you dozens of ideas! Some scarves can even be worn as bikini cover ups, headscarves, bolero-style wraps, and more.

Try testing out two or three different ways to wear your favourite scarf. You might accidentally stumble across something that you really love!

Make sure it’s comfortable

While scarves look pretty, they are also a very practical piece of clothing. You don’t want to discover that your beautiful new scarf can’t actually do its job properly! Make sure that the fabric is not rough, and that there are no labels or embellishments that will scratch the delicate skin on your neck. Test out different ways of wearing your scarf so that it won’t blow off in a gust of wind, or feel uncomfortable when worn with a coat.

Make a stylish splash

Scarves are one of the best ways to add a dash of colour and pattern to your outfit. Just imagine the difference between a plain white t-shirt and jeans when worn alone, and when worn with a bright red silk scarf. Whatever your personal style, scarves are an incredibly stylish touch. Look for beautiful colours and fabrics. If you usually wear black or other neutral colours, take the opportunity to add colour in a way that doesn’t take you out of your comfort zone or require you to buy new clothes. You will actually find that wearing the right colours next to your face can be incredibly flattering.

Are you a fan of scarves? How are you styling your favourite scarf this winter?

14 Jan 2017

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