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Jewellery in the Workplace

There’s nothing quite like jewellery to add a little splash of personality to an outfit. Even a delicate ring or a tiny pendant can pull an entire outfit together and show off a great sense of style. By now, we’ve all got pretty good at picking beautiful jewellery for our weekends and holidays. But what about work? Dressing for work is a fashion topic all of its own and that applies to jewellery as well. A lot of women opt to skip jewellery altogether, to be on the safe side, but it’s possible to wear jewellery in the workplace without looking unprofessional or overdressed. By the time you’ve mastered all these rules of workplace jewellery, you’ll be ready to wear a new piece of jewellery at work every single day!

The most important thing is to keep your work jewellery simple and understated. Small, minimal pieces will be far more appropriate than a statement necklace or chandelier earrings. It’s also best to avoid bright, garish colours or large, chunky pieces of jewellery, which will attract a lot of attention. A small silver pendant, one or two simple rings, or delicate stud earrings are perfect for even conservative workplaces. If your dress code is more relaxed, try a few simple cuff bracelets and earrings with a small drop, for a look that is still understated and feminine but full of personality.

If your jewellery is beautiful enough to gather compliments close up, but no one would notice it at a distance, then you’ve probably got the balance right.

Working Woman

Another thing that women sometimes overlook is how distracting jewellery can be. Work definitely isn’t the place to show off your new bangle collection, or put together an outfit that’s focused around a huge necklace. That isn’t just because it looks unprofessional, but because it can actually be distracting. You want your colleagues to be focused on you and your work, not the oversized faux diamonds around your neck.

It’s also worth remembering that jewellery can be noisy- and you might not notice until you’re already at work. Bangles are a major culprit here, especially when typing, but other pieces of jewellery can also create irritating noises. Showing off your new purchase isn’t worth annoying everyone you work with! If you aren’t sure whether a piece is practical, try it out for a few hours at home before wearing it to work.

Another great reason to test jewellery first is to make sure that it’s practical and won’t cause you difficulty or make you look silly. Can’t type while wearing that ring? Then don’t wear it to work. If those long earrings will be uncomfortable while you run for the train, save them for the weekend. If your bracelets have a terrible tendency to get stuck to everything they pass, definitely don’t wear them to an important meeting.

A final tip is to choose jewellery that is appropriate to your outfit. Long earrings can look far too busy with a collared shirt, for example. It’s helpful to have a small collection of jewellery made up of pieces that will work with all of your favourite work outfits. Some pieces are true classics and look beautiful with all clothing styles, but others are best saved for specific garments.

If you follow all these tips, wearing jewellery to work is far easier than most people realize! I love jewellery and take every opportunity to wear it, so I hope that these suggestions will help you to bring a little sparkle to your work wear. Choosing the right jewellery can take a little thought, but once you find the right pieces, it won’t ever be a problem again.

17 Aug 2016

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