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Jewellery styles and clothing styles – does your necklace match your power suit?

Jewellery is such a popular accessory that it’s no surprise certain pieces have become associated with particular clothing styles. Here are just a few examples of the jewellery worn with different clothing styles.


Bohemian (or boho) style tends to involve a lot of jewellery. Styles are often inspired by traditional tribal jewellery all over the world, from Eastern European gypsies to Middle Eastern nomads to Thai hill tribes.

Bohemian jewellery is usually made up of dramatic, statement pieces that really catch attention. Layered coin necklaces, bold turquoise rings, and stacks of colourful bracelets are all popular pieces of bohemian jewellery.



Jewellery is one of the easiest ways for people who love vintage and retro styles to buy genuine vintage items, as jewellery tends to last so well. Styles vary from decade to decade, but might include 1950’s pearl necklaces or 1960’s geometric earrings.


Sleek, minimalist style might seem the antithesis of jewellery – but the right jewellery pieces actually suit this style perfectly. Subtle pieces like sculptural necklaces, cuff bracelets or stud earrings make minimalist outfits appear elegant and well-considered rather than casual.


Pretty, girly jewellery is perfect for adding to feminine outfits. Delicate pieces, floral shapes, and dreamy-coloured gemstones all contribute to classic jewellery that sits perfectly with pretty dresses or summery outfits.


For women who love glamorous, attention-grabbing styles, jewellery is a must! Whether it’s an addition to an outfit that’s already sparkling, or a statement piece with a black bodycon dress, jewellery is the perfect finishing touch to any glamorous outfit, especially for a big night out.


As the name might suggest, trendy jewellery styles change almost as quickly as you can keep up. I can’t even tell you what they are, because they might have changed by the time you read this! For true trendsetters, jewellery is a key part of style, and an important accessory to add to any outfit.

Jewellery is especially important for trendy styles because it’s so quick and easy to update. The right piece of jewellery can make last season’s outfit look fresh and brand new!


You might think that casual style means minimum effort, and that means no jewellery. Not true! A simple necklace, a small pair of earrings, or a pretty charm bracelet are easy pieces that can be worn with absolutely everything, but still look beautiful.


Jewellery is a pretty big part of preppy style, and if it’s your kind of fashion then you probably already know the key pieces! Pearl necklaces, monogram necklaces, stacks of mixed metal bracelets, and statement watches are all hugely popular with women who love preppy style.


At the other extreme, piles of jewellery are also a major part of western or cowgirl style. Think turquoise, hammered silver, Native American influences, and as much jewellery as you can physically fit onto your body.


Just like minimalist or casual style, it’s easy to think that professional business style leaves no room for jewellery. Once again, that’s definitely not the case! While many businesses prefer their employees not to wear flashy jewellery, there are still a number of ways for jewellery to add a little sparkle to business outfits. Elegant watches are both practical and beautiful; pendant necklaces are an unobtrusive way to add personality; stud earrings don’t catch attention but still brighten up the face.


This is another style where more is better when it comes to jewellery! Studs, black, leather, spikes – or a combination of all of them! Cuff bracelets and chokers are especially popular, but all kinds of different jewellery pieces will be perfect for rock-chic style.

What kind of style suits your personality the best? And do you wear the jewellery to go with it?

17 Apr 2017

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