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Jewellery Trends For Autumn and Winter 2016

A new season is here and with it comes new jewellery trends. Some of these styles have been slowly appearing for quite a while now, but you might not have noticed them yet. You certainly will now! Autumn is a great time to try something new. If you’re a little old for a brand new school pencil case, look for a new piece of jewellery instead. It’s always a fun way to stay on-trend. Plus, this is the perfect time to refill your jewellery stock and ensure that your customers will be just as fashionable!

So, which trends are going to be huge this autumn/winter season?

First up is jewellery layering. This is a trend that comes round regularly, but it looks like it’s going to be everywhere this winter. Delicate, minimalist pieces of jewellery are perfect for layering, as they won’t feel or look too heavy. Choose a series of pendants in different layers, from choker length to much longer. If you’re selling jewellery, perhaps look for a selection of necklaces in lengths that work well together. This will make life a lot easier for your customers!

Winter Jewellery

Matching sets of layered necklaces have also begun to make an appearance this autumn. For example, a short strand of turquoise beads can be combined with a longer turquoise pendant. These are necklaces that aren’t quite identical, but all have a similar color or theme. They can come together in a set, or be individually chosen for a more personal combination. This is hardly a surprising trend given the popularity of personalised jewellery

In terms of color trends, there are a lot of deep, rich colours appearing in jewellery at the moment. This happens almost every autumn, as deep colours like royal blue and emerald green are perfect for cooler weather. This is a bit of a change from the largely colourless jewellery that filled shops for the first half of 2016.

Having said that, colour trends from earlier in the year haven’t yet disappeared. Back in January, Pantone announced that Rose Quartz (pale pink) and Serenity (icy pastel blue) would be the colours of the year. In jewellery, at least, it looks like these two colours are still going strong. They look especially beautiful combined in opal-effect or mother-of-pearl jewellery.

One very specific trend which looks set to carry on into winter is ultra-skinny chokers. You might have noticed these little strands of suede or velvet tied into bows around the necks of all your favorite celebrities. They enjoyed a huge boom in popularity towards the end of summer, and don’t seem likely to disappear any time soon.

These chokers draw on the biggest jewellery trend of the year – 90’s style. The autumn approach to 90’s jewellery seems to be vintage style with a twist. For example, the black velvet chokers that were so popular earlier this year are now popping up in layered necklace sets. They look just a little more modern when combined with other pieces. Alternatively, try ultra-dainty gold and silver chain chokers, so delicate that you can barely see them.

One final trend: lariat necklaces. These long necklaces, ending in a single strand, are going to be one of the most popular pieces this season. They are perfect worn as part of a necklace set, or combined with a choker. They add a bohemian, western vibe to most outfits, or slip subtly under a smart shirt. If you only invest in one new trend, this would be a great one to try. You can also get a similar look with jewelry that combines metal with leather or suede.

Which autumn/winter jewellery trend are you most looking forward to?

20 Nov 2016

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