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Product Photos — Upping the Game

We’re taking a different approach to product photos in 2016. Up until now, we’ve handled all product photography in house, and the results have been very good — far better than the photos we’ve seen on our competitors websites. We’ve run our own mini studio out of our main warehouse, with Malene using a very expensive and high tech camera for all photos.

Up until now we’ve been very happy with the quality.

But later this year we’re planning to stock some more exclusive lines, and with that in mind, we decided to take a professional photographer on board to get them just right. Our recent new stock update, which went live on our website on Friday, features over 100 new and returning styles. All of these photos were taken by our new photographer, and I thing you’ll agree that the quality and detail is outstanding.


The new necklaces and bracelets are presented very clearly, on a white background where even the smallest detail can be seen and examined. Our aim is to have our entire catalogue re-photographed over time, with the emphasis on new and strong selling lines.

15 May 2016

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