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Quality Control – A Jewellery Wholesaler’s Responsibility

We often get complimented on the quality of our jewellery, on the low number of breakages and problems that occur after purchase, and on the excellent finish that makes our jewellery stand out from our competitors.

Don’t believe me? Check out our Testimonials page.

What makes us so different? Surely every jewellery wholesaler in the UK and Ireland is buying from the same manufacturers? We don’t make the jewellery ourselves do we, in a secret underground bunker in the Irish countryside?

There is a reason why our fashion jewellery is of such a high quality, and why the jewellery of so many of our fellow wholesalers is not. And it has nothing to do with our underground facility — that’s used exclusively for monitoring the changing fashions in celebrity jewellery around the world.

We’ve met all of our suppliers. We’ve visited and toured their factories. We have strong relationships with each one of them. They know exactly what we expect from them in terms of style, quality, finish, etc., because we sat across a table from them and told them. We have a member of staff who visits each factory when our order is completed. This person’s job is to check each production run and ensure that it is up to standard. He opens every box, roots around and takes out samples, and opens the plastic wrapping and examines the necklaces and bracelets thoroughly.

And because he’s worked for us for many years, he knows exactly what to watch out for: blistering on the finish, poorly connected joints, mismatching or fading colours, and so much more. If the order or part of the order is not up to standard, he rejects that order. All of out. If a supplier repeatedly fails our quality inspections, we drop that supplier.

Most jewellery wholesalers in the UK and Ireland do not buy direct from manufacturers, and they most certainly do not have quality control personnel on site to refuse an order once it is completed. This is why so many wholesalers stock and then ship jewellery that is not fit for resale. They’ve had to take the hit when a manufacturer did a poor job somewhere up the chain, and they pass that hit on to you.

That never happens with us.

16 Apr 2014

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