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Romantic jewellery styles – from hearts and flowers to rose gold and diamonds

Christmas may be over, but Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it! Whether you’re a man choosing jewellery for a special lady, or a jewellery seller hoping to help your male customers, this is one of the most important times of year to think about romantic jewellery. Here are a few jewellery styles which work beautifully as romantic gifts, as well as some suggestions for choosing romantic jewellery.

Engagement Rings

Of course, the ultimate in romantic jewellery is a beautiful engagement ring. What could possibly be more romantic than asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you? Engagement rings are an entire huge topic in their own right, but it’s impossible to talk about romantic jewellery without at least mentioning them!

Romantic jewellery

Romantic Jewellery Styles

Exactly what counts as ‘romantic’ jewellery is always going to depend on a lady’s personal style, so looking at what jewellery she already wears is always the best way to choose a present. Having said that, there are certain jewellery classics which practically scream ‘romance’ and are bound to impress almost every lady.


Thanks to their popularity in engagement rings, their rich sparkle, and their substantial price tags, diamonds have become closely linked to romance. Diamonds are an eternal classic and always in style, which makes them a great present in a serious relationship – this is something that can be worn forever. Simple, elegant styles are best. Clear diamonds go with almost anything, or coloured diamonds can be a good bet if you know that the recipient loves a particular colour.

If diamonds are a little too expensive, there are plenty of similar alternatives, like cubic zirconia. These aren’t going to pass as genuine diamonds, but they still look beautiful and have the same classic style.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is the trendiest metal shade of the moment, but its soft pink shade also makes it the ideal romantic gift. If roses are the best flower for Valentine’s Day, why not combine them with the metal named after them? Simple, elegant pieces are made instantly fashionable and beautiful simply by the delicate warm shade of rose gold.

Hearts and Flowers

These are perhaps the two most romantic motifs you can find on jewellery, and they are both perfect as gifts, especially for Valentine’s Day. Hearts are ideal for simple, delicate jewellery like bracelets and pendants, or even for earrings. They are sweet and straightforwardly romantic, as well as being easily adapted to almost any jewellery style.

Flowers are a little less common but are still a popular motif in romantic jewellery. Probably because flowers themselves are such common gifts, floral jewellery has come to be very popular as a present for Valentine’s Day or a birthday. Beautiful coloured stones make stunning floral shapes, or delicately engraved flowers add extra detail to bangles or lockets. Like hearts, flowers can be adapted to all sorts of styles, from elegantly minimal silhouettes to baroque-inspired roses to delicate daisies.


For another eternal classic, why not try pearls as a romantic jewellery gift? For a lady with an especially elegant sense of style, a pearl necklace is absolutely unbeatable. She will wear it for years – and always remember the man who gave it to her! Pearls are also an ideal choice for earrings, bracelets, and rings, as they are subtle and unobtrusive, yet also elegant and lustrously beautiful. With their connotations of classic style and eternal romance, pearls are a perfect gift.

What do you think is the most romantic style of jewellery? Have you ever bought (or received) jewellery as a romantic gift?

13 Feb 2017

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