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Wearing a fashion scarf in place of a necklace – do’s and dont’s

In terms of accessories, our necks really are spoilt for choice! The variety of necklaces is incredible, from chokers to pendants to huge statement necklaces. But that’s not all – we can also choose to wear a beautiful scarf. With so many options, how can you make a decision?

Well, one place to start is the basic question: scarf or necklace?

Why scarves replace necklaces

A lot of people choose to wear either a scarf or a necklace at one time, rather than both at once. It can be all to easy for a scarf and necklace to get tangled up with each other, which is inconvenient at best and can even damage one item or the other.

Wearing just a scarf or just a necklace ensures that the focus is entirely on your beautiful accessory. There’s less risk of looking overdressed, or having an outfit that looks too busy.

There’s also the very basic reason that a scarf covers a necklace. Why worry about making a jewellery choice when it won’t even be visible?

Scarves jewellery

Wearing both at once

Of course, there’s no law that says you can’t wear both at once if you want to! Perhaps you’ll be taking your scarf off as soon as you get inside, or perhaps it’s so thin and lightweight that the necklace will definitely still show through.

Try to choose a scarf in a material that won’t catch on the necklace chain, as that can damage both the scarf and the necklace. Pick colours that look good together (or clash in a way that suits your style!) and experiment with a few different ways to style your scarf, just to see what looks best with the necklace.

If you’d still rather prefer to wear a scarf instead of your usual necklace, here are a few suggestions for scarves you could choose and how they replace your necklaces.

Slim scarves

A long, skinny scarf wrapped or tied around the neck is a classic alternative to necklaces. In fact, some scarves are so skinny that it’s not quite clear where the boundary between necklaces and scarves lies. A sequin-covered scarf, for example, is practically a necklace!

Let one of these scarves hang down long as an alternative to a long pendant or lariat necklace, or tie it tightly around your neck instead of wearing a choker.

Silk scarves

An eternal classic, silk scarves are a beautiful way to add colour and texture to any outfit. A square scarf is incredibly flexible and can be worn in literally dozens of ways. Here are just a couple to try:

  • Folded into a triangle and draped around the neck
  • Again in a triangle, but tied bandana-style
  • Wrapped around the neck pashmina-style
  • Rolled into a slim tube and tied around the neck – look to Audrey Hepburn for inspiration!
  • Tied with a knot at the front of the neck

Like with very slim scarves, wearing a silk scarf in one of these ways makes a necklace essentially unnecessary. You wouldn’t even be able to see it!

Warm winter scarves

Warm, woolly scarves or heavyweight pashminas might not be the first thing you think of as replacements for necklaces. But if you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the cold, why not choose a scarf that’s a beautiful accessory and jewellery replacement? Look for bold colours and patterns, or perhaps replace your jewellery even more effectively by wearing a scarf with metallic threads or sequin details.

Do you ever replace your necklaces with scarves? Or do you wear them both at once?

26 Mar 2017

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