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Wearing jewellery at different ages in your life – from teens to old age

Obviously, there are no rules about what jewellery you can wear – it’s totally up to you! But people do tend to follow certain patterns, wearing different jewellery styles at different ages. Your taste might not change from sixteen to sixty, or you might find yourself going through a variety of style evolutions. Here are just a few ideas for what jewellery styles to wear in the different decades of your life.


In your teens, chances are that you’ll want to wear trendy, bold jewellery, inspired by your favourite celebrities and fashion icons. Look for pieces that are fun and colourful – take advantage of the fact that you don’t have to look neat and professional! Enjoy yourself! Try out new trends by buying inexpensive jewellery on the high street, or grab fun and unusual pieces in online marketplaces like Etsy.

You might enjoy chokers, friendship bracelets, oversized rings, ear cuffs, nose piercings, and anything else fun and unusual.

Jewellery Ages


This is the decade when your style might change most drastically. At the start of your twenties, especially as a student, you might still enjoy bold, dramatic jewellery. You’re probably still buying trend-led high street jewellery, but you might also be increasingly interested in classic investment pieces, like a great watch and simple pendants. For some of you, this decade might also see the appearance of engagement or wedding rings.

You might like statement necklaces, chandelier earrings, menswear-inspired watches, cocktail rings, and bold but elegant bangles.


In your thirties, chances are that your tastes will run to more sophisticated and professional jewellery than ever before, especially if you work in a corporate environment. Try sleek, metallic pieces that are timeless rather than trendy, with clean lines and subtle beauty. If you can afford it, start to invest in high-quality pieces that will last you forever.

The ideal jewellery for you might be cuff bracelets, stud earrings, sculptural necklaces and simple rings, perhaps with delicate flashes of colours like turquoise.


Many women, as they come into their forties, start to embrace their own sense of style and personality more vividly than ever before in their lives. Confidence is definitely earned, so why not show it off with bold colours and statement-making pieces full of personality and whimsy? Many women are also, by now, better off than they were in their twenties, so choose to invest in high-quality pieces and designer brands.

You might like multi-coloured statement necklaces, beaded bracelets, charm bracelets, or fancy watches.


As you move into your fifties, your style might become more relaxed and casual. This doesn’t have to mean sloppy – far from it! Women in their fifties are more elegant and refined than ever before, but in an effortless way. Continue to wear the same classic pieces that you’ve built up over the past decades, but perhaps narrow down your collection to focus on only the most beautiful items.

Try delicate pendant necklaces, layered mixed-metal bracelets and a watch, simple drop earrings – and maybe a new ring to go with your wedding ring, if you have one.


In your sixties, you will want jewellery that is simple, elegant, and understated. If you’re now retired, take the opportunity to step away from workplace-appropriate jewellery and wear something that feels more authentically ‘you’. Embrace your own sense of style and wear what you love rather than what’s currently in fashion.

You might like charm bracelets with colourful charms, or perhaps a personalised charm necklace.

Whatever your age, the important lesson is to wear whatever you love. These are guidelines, to help you if you haven’t work jewellery in decades, or feel that you don’t dress appropriately for your age. But they are only very loose guidelines! A teenager might look amazing in the jewellery I’ve suggested for a sixty-something, or vice versa. Just be yourself and have fun!

10 Apr 2017

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