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What’s Your Jewellery Style?

Style is a very personal, individual thing and jewellery is no exception. A necklace that you absolutely love might look hideous to your best friend. There are no clear-cut ways to define your personal style – you just have to learn what you like – but, chances are, you fit into a particular jewellery ‘style tribe’.

There are so many kinds of jewellery out there that it would be impossible to divide them all into groups. Every day brings exciting new pieces and brand new styles. There are a few common overarching styles, though. You might fit into one in particular, or perhaps your individual style is made up of bits and pieces from different style tribes.

Jewellery Style

Ready to find out which jewellery style fits you best? Read on!


If you like your jewellery to be simple and understated, then this might be your style. Plain silver and gold jewelry, perhaps with a few small, subtle coloured stones, will probably be your favourite pieces. This might also include vintage-style jewellery like 1980’s gold chokers or 1950’s diamante necklaces from estate sales. If you’re stuck for ideas, look to classic luxury brands like Hermes for inspiration. Old Hollywood film stars also wore some incredible classic jewellery.


Those of you with a bohemian sense of style will probably already know from your clothes! In terms of jewellery, look for unusual and interesting shapes. If you enjoy layering lots of pieces in different colours, or if you love hunting for jewellery in exotic foreign locations, then your jewellery style is probably bohemian. Tribal-inspired shapes, colourful and intricate detailing and big statement rings will probably be all to your taste. Jewellery that incorporates leather or suede might also suit a bohemian style.


This one is fairly self-explanatory. Do you love jewellery in bright, bold colours? Do you prefer strands of bright beads to simple gold or silver chains? Then you are part of the colourful jewellery tribe! Try jewellery with old gemstone detailing, or perhaps even experiment with alternative materials like plastic or polymer. Have fun! Look for pieces all in one colour family, or mix it up with a rainbow of contrasting colours.


If you prefer your jewellery so low-key that you can hardly see it, then you might be a jewellery minimalist. Tiny pendants, delicate bracelets, stud earrings, and simple rings will suit you best. Chances are, you like to keep the rest of your outfits simple as well, perhaps preferring just a plain white t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Simple charms will add a little interest to your jewellery without being too colourful or overwhelming.


Do you know what jewellery each Kardashian wore last week? Is your jewellery wardrobe 90% made up of chokers? You’re definitely jewellery trend-obsessed. Make sure to keep up to date with all your favourite magazines and fashion blogs, or you might miss out! Look for striking pieces of jewellery that make it very clear you know your fashion trends. You probably wear ultra-trendy clothes as well, so there’s no need for us to tell you what to buy – you already know!


If you like hearts, diamonds and pearls, it sounds like you’re a fan of girly jewellery. You have so many beautiful pieces to choose from! Go all out and enjoy the prettiest jewellery you can find. For a fun twist, try pairing girly jewellery with a leather jacket for the perfect mix of sweet and tough. You might also like classic diamond rings, charm bracelets and chandelier earrings.

Which jewellery style tribe is closest to your personal style?

18 Oct 2016

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