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Which of Today’s Jewellery Trends will be Gone by Tomorrow?

In the ever-changing world of fashion, jewellery trends can come and go in an instant. But it can sometimes be hard to tell what is a passing trend and what is here for good. So, which big trends from the last few seasons are ready to finally disappear? And which will be sticking around for a little longer?


Plenty of fashion lovers have been predicting the disappearance of the choker for a while now. They’ve just become too common and too overdone to stay fashionable. Unfortunately for those fashion experts, the rest of the world doesn’t seem to agree. Chokers are still going strong in the real world and on the runway, from skinny black ribbons to huge statement chokers. With so many different versions available, it looks like this particular necklace style still has a lot of time left.


This sliced stone jewellery was one of the big runway trends for Autumn 2016. In real life, though, it just doesn’t seem to have caught on as much as expected. This might be a trend for fashion editors only.

Weird Jewellery

Piled-on rings

You may have noticed that the recent trend for rings has been to wear as many as possible. Whether it’s huge bohemian rings or sleek minimalist stacks, it’s not unusual to see three, four, or even more rings piled onto one hand. This means that sets of stacking rings have become incredibly popular, as have midi rings (rings worn halfway down the finger).

But is this trend set to stay? From a practical point of view, it gets much trickier during winter, when a lot of us need to wear gloves almost every day. It’s also pretty closely tied to the summer bohemian trend, so this is one jewellery style that might be disappearing now, at least for a little while.

Body chains

This is definitely one trend which is almost entirely for summer. Body chains are great at festivals, or over a bikini, but they just don’t work as well during the rest of the year. Besides, this hipster favourite is starting to feel a little overdone. Time for something new!

Delicate arm cuffs

Delicate arm cuffs, whether on the wrist or higher up the arm, have been a subtle background trend for quite a while now. It looks like this winter is when they finally get the fashion attention that they deserve! So many major jewellery brands are now producing simple, elegant cuffs that it seems unlikely they’ll go away any time soon. These bracelets aren’t even really a trend – they’re a classic.

Ear cuffs

Ear cuffs come and go every few seasons, so who knows what will happen next? For now, these edgy ear decorations seem to be a big hit with celebrities and high street shoppers alike. It probably won’t last – but no doubt ear cuffs will be back before too long!

Rose gold

It’s been suggested that the huge rose gold trend might have come and gone. We’ve been able to buy everything in rose gold lately, from phones to watches to makeup. Have we finally had too much?

Well, although it might be time to tone down the rose gold, it isn’t about to disappear from jewellery any time soon. Rose gold has been a firm favourite for centuries, and although its popularity has come and gone, it is still one of the most popular metals available.

Which fashion trends do you think will disappear, and which will last a little longer? Have you been wearing any of these fashion trends?

27 Dec 2016

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