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Why Is Rose Gold So Popular?

You might have noticed recently that rose gold is everywhere. It’s a major celebrity favourite and runaway popular success. Rose gold jewellery, home accessories, mobile phones, stationery, makeup, hair dye – you name it, someone has made it in rose gold. It’s a trend that’s absolutely impossible to escape.

So what exactly is rose gold? Essentially, it is a mixture of gold and copper, which creates the warm pink tinge. The percentages of gold and copper can vary hugely, meaning that rose gold comes in a variety of shades. Sometimes other metals, like zinc or silver, are also added. The term rose gold is also used for anything in a similar pinkish colour to the metal mixture. It tends to be a more subtle, soft shade than anything described as ‘copper coloured’.

Rose gold has been produced for centuries, although it hasn’t always been as popular as the more famous yellow gold and white gold. Two major surges in popularity came in 19th century Russia and 1920s America. Today’s rose gold obsession definitely isn’t new, but it’s still amazing just how thoroughly rose gold has conquered the fashion world!

So, why exactly is rose gold so popular? While it’s always difficult to give a single reason for any trend, there are a few reasons that rose gold might have become such a success. It makes a change from more traditional silver and yellow gold jewellery. Despite its historic origins, rose gold looks fresh and modern. It’s also a cheaper alternative to yellow gold, thanks to the high copper content, so it’s a great way to get high-quality jewellery at a lower price. Rose gold can actually be pretty affordable.

Rose Gold Jewellery

It’s unsurprising that rose gold jewellery is popular at the moment, given how metallic-focused jewellery trends have been. When so much jewellery is almost entirely metal, rather than coloured stones, it makes sense that people want an extra colour option. Rose gold is a beautiful third option for anyone bored of their gold and silver jewellery. It also looks gorgeous in mixed metal sets. Mixing metals isn’t considered a fashion mistake anymore, so why stop at two colours when you could have three?

Rose gold also goes well with neutral shades, especially blush and nude. Given the huge popularity of those colours in the fashion industry right now, the rise of rose gold makes even more sense. It’s the perfect complement to all those soft neutral colours that the shops are full of.

Rose gold is also a flattering colour for most skin tones. It’s a fairly well-known rule by now that silver is best on cool skin tones, and gold is best on warm skin tones. Rose gold, though, is somewhere in the middle and suits pretty much everyone. As someone with a skin tone that varies from a cool pink to a warm gold depending on my tan, I can really appreciate the flexibility of rose gold! What’s not to like about a trend that suits everyone? It also gives people a chance to break out of that ‘rule’ about who should wear which metal, and with what colours. Rose gold is outside all of the old fashioned fashion rules and regulations.

Finally, rose gold is popular because of the massive celebrity following it has managed to build up. Everyone from Hollywood celebrities to reality TV stars to Insta-celebs has been spotted wearing rose gold jewellery. These days, our fashion influences come from all over the place, so why wouldn’t we copy our favourite style icons’ jewellery choices? Especially when they look as good as rose gold!

That’s my final suggestion for why rose gold is so popular – it’s beautiful. That soft, pink-tinged gold is one of my favourite colours on earth, and makes for stunning jewellery. It lends itself to angular, modern shapes just as easily as delicate, vintage-inspired pieces. There’s something romantic and elegant about rose gold, however you choose to wear it.

15 Jul 2016

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