Chapter 2 - Different Types of Jewellery Businesses

Jewellery businesses are not like other businesses. You're not tied to one tried and tested format. If you want to open a newsagent's, then the only real question is, where? A newsagents is a newsagents, and if you attempt something novel or different, it won't be a newsagents any more. Likewise, a restaurant is a restaurant, and a florist is a florist. But one jewellery business is not like another. It doesn't have to be, it doesn't need to be, and in many cases it shouldn't try to be.

There are four different avenues available to you when setting up your jewellery business.

  1. A Shop - bricks and mortar, with your name over the door.
  2. Market Trading - street markets, car boots, fairs and festivals.
  3. Jewellery Parties - hosted parties in private homes.
  4. The Internet - eBay or your own eCommerce website.

I will be examining each of these in detail, looking at the pros and cons, and then I'll be making some recommendations. These recommendations will be based on my own experience as a supplier to jewellery retailers, and on the assumption that the kind of success you are looking for is the material kind, centring on turnover and profit, rather than the looser definition of success that comes with having your name painted over a doorway.