Chapter 9 - Use the Local Media

Every town and small city across the country has a local newspaper and a local radio station that serves the community. They tend to focus on local sporting events and happenings in the area, and they are almost always crying out for stories. While it can be extremely difficult to get a mention in the national press, getting a write-up in the local paper or being interviewed on the local radio is about as easy as getting out of bed in the morning.

Assuming you do get up every morning, you should not have any difficulty in achieving local media coverage. Of course, what happens after you receive that coverage depends of your story. It's no use getting a big write up if you have no new stock to sell, or your shop is full of old lines that nobody wants. As long as you have addressed the stock and supplier issues already mentioned in this eBook, you will benefit from local coverage.

Example 1: You have a High Street shop and you are just beginning to run jewellery parties in the evening. Get an interview on the local radio and talk about how you're branching out and about how well it's going. Direct listeners to your one page website that lists your contact details, and see what happens.

Example 2: You have a new supplier that you found on page three of Google, and their styles are fantastic. Send an email to the local paper and have them send a photographer down to take pictures of your stock, and your staff. Believe me, they will jump at the chance of being handed a story off the shelf.

Here's an example of one we did ourselves in early 2012.

You need to be talked about. Your customers need to know who you are and why they should come to your shop. While good stock and fresh styles can help with that, nothing beats a little exposure in the local media to make people sit up and take notice.